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For the FIRST TIME EVER, Life Mastery Trainings presents Marc Accetta's world-renowned event:


For the first time ever, Life Mastery Trainings presents what is certain to become a world-renowned event

A VIEW FROM THE EDGE is designed especially for you. Life Mastery Training invites anyone who is striving for a MAJOR expansion to their business and experienced business leaders in any industry, with any company who want to quickly build their business successfully on both a part-time and full-time basis to experience a weekend event like no other in the world. 

A one of a kind, a THOROUGHLY ENJOYABLE event where theatrical skits unfold before you. You will engage in a unique, entertaining learning experience that transforms your mindset and business effortlessly. 

"I started attending Marc Accetta’s seminars in 2012. He taught me a simple formula of how to do what you love to do and how you can generate an income of 7 digits per year doing it. At the same time living life to the fullest."
8 Figure Earners In Network Marketing

Marc Accetta will share top business building strategies, hilarious scenes, and family-like connections in a way most companies & other training events lack in providing.

You’ll leave this event feeling confident and enthusiastic about your financial future, equipped with leadership skills and team-building strategies to make your business more profitable than ever. 

Meet your trainers

Learn from the best in the industry

Marc Accetta

Internationaly Known Trainer & Coach

With 32 years of experience, Marc has excelled at every sales-related business he has ventured into, from direct selling to hitting the Top Ten Income Earners in 3 network marketing companies and becoming the number 1 income earner in another.

daniel g


Daniel G has been labeled the world’s #1 sales trainer of 2022, he’s trained at 440+ sales events internationally to date with over a decade + of a modern day sales experience.

Getting prospects to invest their hard-earned money in your product will never be easy. Today’s buyers are smarter, more defensive, and more aware than ever before. What used to work in the 1990s will not work with today’s buyers.

There’s no hidden secret as to why 75% of salespeople fail and quit sales… they simply use outdated sales techniques that create tension and pressure in the sales process.

Daniel G takes a look at the changes in buyer behavior over the years and teaches you strategies that, instead of creating pressure, generate a sense of urgency in the sale, which is self-generated by the prospect.

Marc Accetta will share top business building strategies, hilarious scenes, and family-like connections in a way most companies & other training events lack in providing.

Plus special guest trainer…

Daniel G

"After 15 years in network marketing, attending and putting on hundreds of events, I can say with no hesitation that Marc Accetta is the best network marketing trainer I've ever seen."
8 Figure Earner In Network Marketing

What do Marc Accetta and Walt Disney have in common? Edutainment!

They both understand how to help individuals learn what is most vital through entertainment that goes far beyond simply “amusing” its audience. 

The term edutainment was used as early as 1954 by Walt Disney to describe an educational experience while having the time of your life. Walt has discovered it was possible to program his audience with an education. 

Edutainment has proven to be the most effective learning style as students can learn more knowledge when relaxed and engaged. 

Marc brings to life various characters alongside his co-stars and creates intense scenes that match real-life, day-to-day scenarios seen in any industry. You will take a deep dive into the psychology of circumstances you will encounter in your everyday life and business through the magic of make-believe. 

Marc teaches on situations that directly affect your life & business daily at ‘The View.’ Dramatic action exposes skills and techniques, allowing you to think in pictures. He helps rid your mind of any confusion and clarifies precisely what you need to do to take your business to your desired level. 

While many character scenes are humorous, it’s the intense dramatic characters that past attendees often attribute to their transformational breakthroughs! Both Disney and Marc know their audience learns their most profound lessons through peak emotions. 

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Strengthen your foundations and equip yourself to take your business to the next level.

Do you want to learn, first-hand, from some of the worlds leading voices on entrepreneurship and personal development?

Do you want to learn how to be UNSTOPPABLE in your pursuit of entrepreneurial success?

  • Work on your mindset alongside you to eliminate worries and doubts about financial security so you can stop constantly worrying about where the next dollar is coming from. 
  • Teach you the exact formulas to build your business proven by leaders who are already succeeding at higher ranks.
  • Coach you on skills that will lead to endless prospect lists, repeat presentations, and see closing in action.
  • Share the most critical ‘Three Rules of Success’ with you in detail and play them out in relatable engaging scenes.
  • Build self-confidence in your ability to sell your product lines and successfully influence customers and recruit new agents.
  • Enjoy entertainment, world-class showmanship with Marc Accetta, featuring additional special guests speakers for a unique blend of comedy and edutainment to equip you with powerful instruction on how to build your business.
  • Increase your social network by making new friends from all over the country. Surround yourself with a new positive circle of friends that lift you up. Receive a social circle you will count your blessings for, for years to come.
  • Unleash your true potential by dissecting the most common issues that could be holding you back mentally and emotionally.
  • Experience an exciting, emotional journey that genuinely moves you, leaving a direct impact on your destiny.

Take massive action now and secure your spot at this amazing event before tickets sell out !

Guaranteed to be the most powerful event in your entrepreneurial career!

This event will be one of the most impactful trainings that you will ever attend. Coming out of this event you will have the knowledge and real-world strategies to establish yourself as a public speaker.
You will learn tonality, stage presence, body expression. You will discover the secret to developing the right content and how to deliver your message to impact your audience. You will learn how to own the stage and emotionally connect with those who listen to you. Speaking Mastery will position you to start monetizing your new skills.

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