Life MAstery Trainings presents:

Speaking Mastery

with Marc Accetta

November 9, 2023

Thessaloniki, Greece

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Life Mastery Trainings presents what is certain to become a world-renowned event

This event was designed especially for you. Whether we’re speaking to a small group or on a stage in front of thousands oa people, we all have the need to speak well in front of an audience.

We invite you to come to learn from the master of public speaking, Marc Accetta, as he teaches you to learn and apply the techniques that will position you as a sought-after speaker who will own the stage.

Join us for this life-changing event!

November 9, 2022

Thessaloniki, Greece

You’ll leave this event feeling confident and enthusiastic about your speaking abilities with the skills, techniques, and strategies to catapult your earning potential as a public speaker.

“Attending one of Marc Accetta’s events is guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget. If you’re serious about making your life everything you want it to be, you owe it to yourself to experience Marc’s training.”​
Matt Morris
Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author

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Attendees of this event will achieve true greatness in their business and personal lives. Are you ready to…

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Learn the secrets to becoming a sought-after public speaker

Do you want to discover the secrets to overcoming the #1 fear in the world and learning how to make doing it your full-time income?
If you answered “YES!” then you need to attend this event. By attending Speaking Mastery you will learn public speaking skills and strategies that will help make you a sought-after speaker. Marc Accetta will teach you everything you need to know about public speaking, and he will demystify the public speaking industry and show you how to make it work for you. As you master these public speaking skills your earnings potential can go from hundreds to thousands to millions of dollars.
“'Marc Accetta is a master of teaching you business and leadership principles all while you are sitting there laughing at all his teaching techniques. Who knew learning could be this much fun and be so powerful at the same time.”​
Nancy Lieberman
Basketball Hall of Famer, Founder Nancy Lieberman Charities

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Meet your trainer

Learn from the best in the industry

Marc Accetta

Internationaly Known Trainer & Coach

With 32 years of experience, Marc has excelled at every sales-related business he has ventured into, from direct selling to hitting the Top Ten Income Earners in 3 network marketing companies and becoming the number 1 income earner in another.

The master of motivation and mindset.

Marc has trained millions globally and knows exactly how to transform each individual that willingly applies themself consistently into the best version of themselves. 

“Marc Accetta has a unique communication unlike anyone I've ever worked with. He really knows his business. He is a true professional. I've had the pleasure of knowing Marc for several years now and have gotten to know many of the people he coaches, and it's very obvious that he has a profoundly positive impact on each and every one of them.”
Charles King
Professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois in Chicago

What to expect at this event

Learn the skills and techniques to be a successful public speaker

When you attend Speaking Mastery, come fully prepared to learn the art of public speaking from one of the industry’s top personal development coaches, Marc Accetta.
For over three decades Marc Accetta has been mastering the art of public speaking on stages in front of millions of people. When you attend Speaking Mastery, don’t come expecting to learn “textbook” techniques. No, at this event Marc will teach you tried and true, battle tested techniques that have worked for him with audiences around the world.

Take massive action now and secure your spot at this amazing event before tickets sell out !

Speaking Mastery

w/ Marc Accetta
  • LIVE Event
  • 6 Online Courses
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“By applying the information that I’ve learned from Mr. Accetta over and over again, I was able to become Vice President of Sales for the company that I work with in my early 30’s.”
Jeremy Brayfield
VP of Sales – Robbins Research International

Guaranteed to be the most powerful event in your entrepreneurial career!

This event will be one of the most impactful trainings that you will ever attend. Coming out of this event you will have the knowledge and real-world strategies to establish yourself as a public speaker.
You will learn tonality, stage presence, body expression. You will discover the secret to developing the right content and how to deliver your message to impact your audience. You will learn how to own the stage and emotionally connect with those who listen to you. Speaking Mastery will position you to start monetizing your new skills.

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